Store Shisha near me tphcm !!

Store shisha near me tphcm

Hi every customer !!
Do you want to find shisha store near me? You don’t know any stores because you are not familiar with the way in Vietnam, you don’t have to worry there, if you read these lines I believe you will experience the best products and services of with me at a reasonable price. All products are listed at the price and there is no guillotine, or unreasonably expensive selling.
We are the largest shisha distributor in the country with a thickness of more than 15 years, will respond in the fastest and most complete way to what you are interested in Shisha, in addition, we have salespeople who can speak English English enough to welcome you, We always welcome foreign customers residing in Vietnam. That strengthens our brand even more.


Contact hotline 0967.037.003 for free consultation
Address of Shisha store in HCMC: 68 Ly Chinh Thang – Ward 8 – District 3 – Ho Chi Minh City
Address of Shisha Hanoi store: 290 Kim Ma – Kim Ma Ward – Ba Dinh District – Hanoi
Specializing in providing wholesale and retail for customers who are bars, karaoke, lounges for foreigners.

We sell premium quality hookahsshisha flavors, hookah charcoals and hookah accessories! Lowest prices for hookahs and shisha tobacco! We have more brand of hookah in many countries, you can find for bar lounge, karaoke and you choose you want.tphcm Shisha has met and interacted with many friends who are foreigners, they come from many countries but they have a passion for smoking shisha by the bottle, that can be the quintessence. their very beautiful character. We have had hours of discussion, discussing good hookah models, high-end hookah pills or useful accessories. Among them, there are some people who wonder which cities of Vietnam are your shops located in.

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